How much does Assisted Living cost?

The cost of Assisted Living can vary based on the level of care you and/or your loved one needs as well as the size of the living space you desire. The cost can be very reasonable when looking at the types of amenities and services included, such as meals, housekeeping and in some cases, medication management and more. Contact us today to discuss how assisted living can be an affordable choice for you.

What types of services do you provide to assist me?

Jonesboro Assisted Living Center provides many levels of care plans. You can determine the right level of care to meet your needs by viewing our plans here.

Can we take my loved one out to dinner and/or home to spend the night with us?

Yes, absolutely! Their apartment is their own home and our residents have the option of living their life with just the right amount of independence that they desire.

Is this community staffed 24 hours a day?

Yes, Jonesboro Assisted Living has staff at the facility 24 hours a day to provide the right care for you and/or your loved one.

How does my loved one get their prescription medicines filled and get to their doctor appointments?

Depending on the level of care chosen, our team of caregivers will be responsibile for filling prescription orders. Transportation is provided to doctors visits weekly and in some cases, we will also assist in scheduling those appointments.

How often are the apartments cleaned?

Depending on the need, apartments are cleaned at a minimum on a weekly basis.

What can we bring to decorate the apartment?

This apartment is a home. There are very limited restrictions on what furniture and miscellaneous items can be brought into the apartment. We want our residents to feel at home and create an atmosphere most comfortable to them. We encourage anything that is close to the heart and provides fun and loving memories for our residents!

What type of security system do you have?

You and your loves ones can feel safe at Jonesboro Assisted Living Center. The external doors are locked from the outside and their is a keypad code system in place from the inside. Each apartment has an individual lock and each resident has their own keys. The facility does have a master key for all apartments for general safety reasons.

What type of activities are available?

It is our commitment to our residents to provide an array of options each week of activities and outings that they can participate in. We encourage participation in these activities by all of our residents to enhance social interaction throughout our community. Click here to view just a few of our activities.